Thousand Year Old Vampire–Chapter 5: Suspicion

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December 18, 15xx

The effects of my condition confound me. In the last week, I have secluded myself in my tower, shunning all company whilst I attempted to master my hunger. There are hours when the hunger completely subsides, and I feel that I am completely in control, but there are times when it threatens to send my into a blind rage.

It was my good fortune that yesterday, when I was called to the castle, the hunger was waning. I made for the palace immediately, confident that I would not betray my guise of humanity.

Everything appeared to be in order when I arrived. I sat at the table, documents in hand in case they were needed. Joseph Hatch, one of the estate’s treasurers, sat to my left. I have always had a good rapport with Mr. Hatch, so knowing that he was sat next to me was a relief. After a week away from mortals, it was fortunate that I could ease myself back into socializing. I turned to him and said, “Hello, Joseph. I’m afraid that I’ve been ill this week, and have not kept up with the estate’s affairs. Is there any news?”

Joseph looked up form his books. “Yes, I had heard–” He stopped short. “Good God, man! What happened to you?”

Startled, I said, “As I said, I took ill last week. I have recovered, but I am out of touch with the estate, and–“

“Your eyes, Nathaniel! What happened to your eyes?”

Others turned to look at me. Some recoiled in horror, while others looked on, confused, unable to see what they saw.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“They’re…completely black!”

I looked around. As my gaze met the others, some gasped, some stood, prepared to leave, and others still did not seem to note that anything was wrong with my eyes.

“It…must be a symptom. Of the illness. Perhaps I am not well after all. I am sorry.” I stood and left for my tower.

I spent the next several hours in my chamber. I examined myself in the mirror repeatedly, and I could see nothing that was amiss. I had resolved that I would not return to the castle until I knew precisely what had happened, that I would avoid all human contact until I was certain that I had mastered my condition. It was then that I was surprised by a visit from The Lady Fousburry herself.

“Nathan, I am worried about you,” she said upon entering.

I tried not to meet her gaze, lest she see what I could not. “I assure you, I have bene stricken with an illness, but I am improving.:

“Nathaniel, I have known you for years. Please look at me.”

I did. I was glad to find that she did not recoil.

“It’s odd,” she said. “I was told by members of the court that your eyes had become soulless, black pits.”

“What do you see?” I asked.

“Just your eyes. Blue as always.”

“Perhaps it was a trick of the light.”

Sarah looked around the hall. “You know…I have avoided this tower since my brother’s death. I had…expected it to be difficult. Emotionally. It is not.”

“I am pleased to hear it,” I said. “You are always welcome here.”

She sighed, then looked at me again. “You should know that there are rumors about you. People are talking, saying that you are conducting experiments here. That people come here and never return. That you consort with demons.”

“I assure you that I do not, m’lady.”

She continued. “They are calling you ‘The Devil Morrison.’ Joseph Hatch has gone to the Church to discuss these rumors. You should be careful.” With that, she left.

So it would appear that I cannot hide my condition from everybody, that there are tells that not even I can see. I must be more careful.

At least Sarah still trusts me…

Chapter five postmortem.

Mechanical considerations and my updated character sheet appear on the next page.

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