On the Table: February 1-28, 2022

It feels kind of silly talking about what board games we’ve played last month when all THIS *points around* is going on, but what are you going to do?

So, February. COVID lockdowns are starting to ease, so we’re taking our first step back to “normal.” That means that we actually played games with someone else this month! We also bought some new games! I know…we’re out of control!

Anyway, here’s what we played in February!

Image of cards from Splendor.


We started the month off with a game of Splendor. You all know Splendor, right? If not, click the heading and take a look. If you’ve been following us for a while, it will be no surprise that Em won 16-12. I love this game, but I almost never win. This is a theme in my life.


We had a couple of friends over to hang out, and we managed to break out Dixit. These are some pretty creative friends, and we like to get our drink on when we get together, so DIxit tends to be a hit with them. It was neck-and-neck for most of the game, but Em and I pulled ahead and tied for the win in the end.

Century: Spice Road

Yet another game in which I lose to Em almost every time we play. ALMOST. I luckily got a spice-producing engine up and running pretty early was able to stay a half-step ahead of her. She started to catch up in the end, but I managed to win 88-81.

Image of some minis on a Tiny Epic Dungeons tile.

Tiny Epic Dungeons

I played 3 or for solo games of Tiny Epic Dungeons, all of which I lost. Still, I had fun, and I can’t wait to get Em playing this one. +For more details about this game, check out OUR REVIEW.


We had our friend Kait over to play some games. You might remember Kait from her review of Mystic Vale. She had never played before, and it was actually the first time I’ve ever played with more than two people, so it was a learning experience for all of us. Em won with 134 points, Kait made a great first run with 107 points, and I came in last with 103.

Welcome To…

We can’t get enough of this roll and write! Surprisingly, we only played it once in February, and that was when Kait was here. She had played this one before, and it showed in her victory over both Em and I. The final score: Kait-93, Jay-84, and Em-68. We’re looking forward to trying our copy of Welcome to the Moon as soon as we have time to learn it!

Kodama Forest

Image of the a player board from Kodama Forest. A panda tile sits prominently in the foreground. It is objectively cute.

Finally, we played our recently-purchased copy of Kodama Forest. And then we played it again. I won’t say too much about it because I’m planning on reviewing it, but I will tell you that a) It’s short, and b) it’s easy to learn. It’s a game where you want to have the fewest points at the end, and I won the first game with a score of 37 to Em’s 52. Then, we realized we had misunderstood one of the rules, which is kind of embarrassing because they really are pretty straightforward. In the second game, Em won 13-23.

If you’re keeping score, I won 3 games, Em won 4, and Kait won 1. That means for the year, I won 6, and Em won 12.

Am I bad at games, or is Em just really good? Until the pandemic is really over, we may never know.

What have you been playing? Drop us a comment here, or find us all over the internet and let us know!

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