Thousand Year Old Vampire – Chapter 10: Hidden

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March 5. 15xx

My first week in London was rather uneventful. I attended meetings with merchants and tradesmen. I pretended to make decisions regarding ships that were secretly owned and operated by Dr. John Dee and the Queen. I mentally noted the names of the various grey, grey men who cam and went, noticing them huddling in small groups after the meetings.

Ships and Boats in Harbor, 1890. [United States:publisher not transcribed] Photograph.
Modified by Jay.

I tried to ingratiate myself with these men, but my strangeness–my shaded spectacles to hide my souless eyes, my gloves to conceal my red-stained hand–caused these men to shun me. It would seem that I made a terrible spy.

That is until I decided to use my other abilities. I was, after all, chosen for this assignment because I am not like other men.

One evening, after hours of mind-numbing tedium, a group of men whom I suspected of using their ships to smuggle weapons to the Dutch made their way to a local pub. I followed them from the shadows at a distance. While they were getting their drinks and securing a table, I slipped past and found a quiet corner nearby where I could make the pretense of reading the local newssheets. From this vantage, I could hear some of what the men discussed, though they were careful not to speak too openly about treason.

Eventually, one of the men who was staying at a room above the tavern invited the others upstairs to talk of more sensitive matters. As they moved upstairs, I slipped out the door and made my way to an alley behind the building. Once I was sure I was unseen, I summoned my powers and lifted off the ground, hovering just below a window.

Unseen, I was able to listen in on the men’s plans. They were, in fact, smuggling cannons and goods stolen from Spanish ships through an elaborate network of post stops and seemingly legitimate trading throughout Europe. However, it seems I was wrong about the Dutch connection–well, at least partially wrong.

I should stop now to explain something. Throughout history, there have been tales told of a group of elite men who control the affairs of entire nations. There tales are often…anti-Semitic in nature, and in this, the tales are wrong. The Hebrews have been the scapegoats for many of the worlds woes.

From Trenchard, James, Engraver. The reverse of the great seal of the United States / JT sculp
. United States, 1786. Photograph.

However…that does not mean that there is not a group of men of power who do influence the world’s events. Men who have hidden behind society’s irrational fear of the Jews to enact their plans, who go unsuspected and unpunished because everyone blames the wrong parties.

I write this because when these men were done with their illicit business talk–talk which gave me much insight into how to disrupt their plans–they ended their meeting with an oath that they had no doubt gotten into the habit of swearing at the conclusion of business:

“The world does not turn,
The sun does not set,
Tides neither rise nor fall,
There are no gods,
No Kings,
No Lords,
Unless we will it so.
For we are the Architects of the Earth.”

The Architects of Earth, huh? I wonder what Doctor Dee would say to that?

Chapter ten postmortem.

Mechanical considerations and my updated character sheet appear on the next page.

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