Thousand Year Old Vampire – Chapter 9: Masked

This is the ninth part of my playthrough of Tim Hutchings’ Thousand Year Old Vampire. To see my overview of the game, click HERE, and to see the cast of characters and the origin of Nathaniel Morrison, vampire, click HERE. Click the tags to see all of the posts pertaining to this game.


February 19, 15xx

It was only a day after my encounter with Dr. Dee and is associate that I received a letter with my instructions. No doubt Dee’s plan was already in motion when he met with me. I record the letter here for posterity:

To Nathaniel Rutherford-FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.

Mr. Rutherford,

It would appear that the timing of our reunion was most fortuitous. I have received word that an asset that I have in London has been compromised. You will learn more when you arrive, but I must warn you: This assignment is fraught with danger. While your special circumstances see you better equipped than most, do not allow yourself to become overconfident.

I have included documents pertaining to your new identity. Whilst you are in London, your are to assume the identity of Richard Allen Sloan, a representative of the Naylor Trading Company. With these credentials, you will have access to the company’s warehouse, and thus access to the docks.

You will note that in your backstory, I have tied Richard’s employment history with the estate of the late Duke Rutherford. This is so that if anyone questions your past, you can believably discuss life at the manor. However, I will ask that if anyone asks about Nathaniel Morrison, you explain that you left employment with the Duke before Nathaniel arrived, and that you only knew him as a child, and only in passing. I do not want anyone associating you with your former life.

I have secured lodgings for your arrival in London. A carriage will come for you on the 19th day of February. Please tie up loose ends in your old life before then. I will report that Nathaniel Morrison was killed in the attack that also killed the priests that captured him. Please see that Lady Fousburry will corroborate this story. Also see that she does not contact you in London. My associate, whom you have met, will meet you in London and tell you more about your assignment.

Please destroy this letter. Tell no one where you are going.

In service of humanity,


(London Bridge by Louis Kenney Harlow, found at the Library of Congress

I went at once to tell Sarah that I was leaving. I have found it difficulty to read her as of late; she did not say much, and I could not tell if she was sad to see her dear friend go, or glad to be rid of the monster that lived in her tower. Or both. I kissed her cheek and departed to collect my belongings.

I am strangely ambivalent about leaving this place. I know that I have great love for the estate, and for Sarah. I know these things to be facts, but they no longer carry the same emotional weight that they once did. I wonder if I my humanity is truly lost to me, or if I am merely still processing my new arrangement with Dr. Dee. Only time will tell.

Chapter nine postmortem.

Mechanical considerations and my updated character sheet appear on the next page.

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