On the Painting Table

Em and I are on vacation this week, in a cabin in the woods, with nothing but our board games and a fireplace. And wi-if. Oh, and a TV that’s compatible with our Fire Stick—look, we just wanted to get away from people, OK?

Anyway, I made sure to take pics of the minis I’ve been painting before we left so that I’d have something to show for a mid-vacay post. Because I’m posting from my tablet, this post won’t have the usual links until I get back and edit it. Annnd away. We. Go.

First of all, we have the Dark Troopers from Imperial Assault: Tyrants of Lothal. For the armor, I mixed some Vallejo somber gray with a pinch of Citadel Vulkan Green to give it a slight olive hue. There still wasn’t enough detail, so I added black to the unarmored bits. The regular Dark Troopers have green lenses, as in Star Wars Rebels, and the elites have red like their robotic counterparts in The Mandalorian.

Next, we have CT-1701, also from Tyrants of Lothal. Painting white is hard. I primed him white, mixed some water and some grey to make a sort of wash, then hi-lighted in white again. It looks…OK. Still, I’m looking forward to adding him to my Star Cops force in Rogue Stars.

Jabba. He was his own Imperial Assault villain pack. I waited forever to paint him, mainly because I wanted to wait until I felt like I was skilled enough to do it. I primed him in somber grey, then painted most of him in Vulkan Green. For the face, I used a mix of Citadel’s Averland Sunset and one of their yellow paints (I don’t have it on me), along with some Desert Tan by Reaper. I painted the face and dry brushed over some of the green to blend them. The eyes are sunburst orange, also from Reaper. It looked better than I had expected, but an Agrax Earthshade wash over the whole thing really brought the whole job together.

And that’s pretty much all I’ve painted in the last couple of weeks. My next project will be painting up some spaceships for A Billion Suns!

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