On the Painting Table September 2021

Usually, by now I would have an “On the Table” feature with the board games we played last week, but the only game we played was Arkham Horror: The Card Game. However, I have been painting a bunch of models, especially for the new version of Kill Team, so I thought I’d show you what’s on my painting table.

First up, for the game Wild West Exodus by Warcradle Games, we have four members of the Wayward Eight. Here are Marcus Wayward, Hicks Kinkade, Jake Matia, and Kay Free. Any resemblance to any persons living, dead, or humped is purely coincidental.

You can’t steal the air from them.

Also, here’s a closeup of of Mal–er–I mean Marcus:

And another of Jake Matia, the…Champion…of Akron?

And his clever touk.

OK…on to the Warhammer stuff. First up, I finished my Death Korps of Krieg (mostly…I still have some detailing to do). These guys were the models I was most excited about, and I’m happy with how they turned out. I hope Games Workshop releases more plastic Death Korps models!

And here’s a few angles on the groups chaplain, Specialist Larenz Jakobi. Bonus points if you know why I named him that:

And here are two of the Ork Kommandos that come in the Octarius box. They are named Rob and Don. Points if you get that reference as well!

And finally, here are a bunch of Necrons that I just built, as well as a few others that I repainted to fit the canonical Novokh Dynasty color scheme.

I’m sure I painted a bunch of other stuff since last time I posted my models, but these are the most recent ones.

Are you painting minis? Let us know in the comments or all over social media! Also, join Jay every Tuesday at 10:30PM Eastern on Twitch while he paints and talks to himself! Who knows…maybe he can talk you you!

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