On the (Painting) Table

Last week, I showed you some of the minis I was working on. I forgot to include a few, and I just painted one I’m proud of, so I thought I’d bring you back to my painting table.

Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion-Quatryl and Inox

First up, we have these Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion characters. This is Demi, our Quatryl Demolitionist, and Dzai, our Inox Hatchet. These are the two that Em and I are using in our playthrough of the game, which we’re about halfway through.

The Quatryl was difficult because she wears lots of bright colors, and it was hard to make the colors contrast without it looking bad.

The Inox was one of the easiest figures I’ve painted: it’s mostly brown, with some Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil to provide depth. In fact, I primed him in gray, and when I started painting the layers, I didn’t even do anything to the face.

Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion-Valrath and Human

Next up, we have the two characters we haven’t tried yet: The Valrath Red Guard and the Human Voidwarden. Of these two, the Voidwarden was the more difficult. The detail on the dress was easy enough: I just used a drybrush over the raised portions of the dress. However, I tried to make it look like the black energy of teh void was moving through her arm and onto her face, and it just looks sloppy. I’ll have to revisit this one later.

The Red Guard was fun. I mixed gold metallic paint into some red to give it that fancy metal look. There’s also some silver metallic on there to give him a little contrast.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault Jabba’s Realm – Weequay

The Jabba’s Realm expansion for Star Wars: Imperial Assault comes with 4 Weequay. Weequays? No, Weequay.

Anyway, there are four of them, but they all use the same character model, seen to the left. He’s a pretty good model, and he was fun to paint, but it bothered me that they looked identical.

I mean, I know that canonically, Weequay often wait to even take a name before they’ve accomplished something in life, leading to it being difficult to tell one Weequay from another, but I still had to do something about it. See below.

I broke out the Green Stuff and molded an eyepatch, a face scarf, and a skull shoulder pad for the other Weequay. I feel like it gives them a lot of character. My only complaint is that the scarf doesn’t contrast enough with the rest of the model…I’ll need to work on that.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Grand Admiral Thrawn

Lastly, we have Grand Admiral Thrawn from Imperial Assault. I finally picked this villain pack up a few days ago and couldn’t wait to get him on the table. I primed him in white, except for the exposed flesh, which I primed grey. I used Citadel’s Ultramarine Blue for the skin, went over it with some blue wash I got at Pat Catan’s, and then lightened it up with some Reaper paints Ice Blue. I always do flesh tones with an undercoat that is a darker shade than the main flesh tone, as it gives the appearance of that slightly translucent quality that skin has.

I might go over the whites with some grey, and then some white highlights to give his uniform some depth, but I’m really proud of how this one turned out.

And that’s what’s been on my painting table! Have you been painting anything? Drop us a comment, or find us all over the internet and let us know!

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