On The Table: October 5th-11th, 2020

This week was weird, what with our server switch over and whatnot. I’m going through in the next couple of days to fix all the broken links on the site. But that’s not why you’re here. Here’s what we played over the last week:

The Rivals for Catan – This is one of my favorite 2-player-only games! I had a decent strategy from the start, but Em overtook my lead and claimed victory, as usual.

See Candamir? That’s what we call A Strong Start(TM)
(Crappy photo by Jay)

Arkham Horror The Card Game – Em and I played the second and third parts of the B scenario of The Dream-Eaters cycle. Mandy Thompson is a clue-gathering, card-tutoring beast! We did almost too well in scenario III, so I imagine we’re going to die in the next one.

Gizmos – I played what was probably my best game of Gizmos ever. I had a machine going that gave me lots of energy, and let me convert it all into other energy, AND I managed to get three of the level III gizmos out. I still lost. Go figure.

Clank! – I realized pretty early on that Em was going to beat me just by grabbing the best artifact, so I had to play dirty. I kept my clank low and bought as much from the dungeon row as I could to force dragon attacks. I managed to eke out a win by stopping Em from getting those 20 points for escaping the dungeon. She’ll probably never play with me again, but I’ll take a pyrrhic victory this time.

You mess with the dragon, you get the fangs!
(Awesome photo by Em)

Thousand Year Old Vampire – Since it’s October, I’ve decided to try out the solo journaling game Thousand Year Old Vampire. I’m going to feature my run-through on a weekly basis until I get to the end of my vampire’s story. I don’t usually link to where you can buy games because I like to promote going to your local game store, but this is a small, indie game, so here’s a link.

Wat did you play last week? Drop us a comment, or go to our twitter, facebook, or instagram and let us know!

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