On the Table: Sept. 13-19, 2021

Hell all! I hope everyone who went to Gen Con is doing well! We never make it to Gen Con (mabe someday), and we’re waiting for the coronapocalypse to end before we are ready to be in a room with more than 5 people, but hopefully next year, we get make it out to one!

Not much made it to the table this week, but what did make it was a good time. Here’s what’s been going on in the last week:

Arkham Horror: The Card Game -Return to the Circle Undone

We finished our playthrough of the latest “Return to…” box, and I’m proud to say we won! Only one of us made it out of the realm of Azathoth, though; Em, as Sister Mary, had to stay behind to make sure the Blind Idiot God(tm) remained asleep. I think The Circle Undone might be my second-favorite campaign, after The Path to Carcosa. We’ll see how I feel after The Ends of the Earth is released.


It had actually been a while since we played Everdell. We actually had to reread the rules. It’s weird because we love the game…we just hadn’t gotten it out in a while. For a change, I actually beat Em 53-41, though if we played again, I’m sure she would trounce me. I just happened to remember some of the card interactions earlier than she did.

Blood Bowl II

I’ve gotten back into Blood Bowl II on PC. I’m counting this as a board game because it’s as close to the tabletop game as you could probably get digitally. I’m playing my Thousand Yard Sons (Chaos team) in a 9-game season against the computer. So far, I’ve won 1 game and lost 2, and I’ve given some of my beastmen a few mutations to help me out.

And that’s all I’ve played, though I’ve also been doing some painting of Kill Team Octarius. I have the Death Korps almost completely done, and I’ve started on the Ork Kommandos.

BTW: Did you know that you can watch me paint every Tuesday, from 10:30-11:30PM Eastern on Twitch? Well, you can! Join me tonight as I work on more of these green boys and maybe some terrain. It’ll be fun! Well, it’ll be something, anyway!

Also, this week, we’ll have a review from a guest meeple, and maybe, just maybe, a review from me. No promises on that second one, but the guest post is in the queue!

Lastly, here’s our Linktree, in cased you wanted to know where else to find us! See you at the table!

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