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Hey all! I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but we haven’t gone anywhere! I (that is, Jay) have started a new job, and I’m still figuring out the best work/life/website balance. I have the first two of those down, but now I have to reincorporate the site into the life part.

There are a few ways I’m doin this. First off, I have started streaming my painting sessions on twitch. You can follow our channel HERE. I’ll also announce when I’m going live on our twitter, so follow us there, too! As I get better at recording, and as I get better equipment/get the equipment I have to work, I plan on streaming more than just these sessions…maybe some gameplays, maybe some unboxings. Who knows?

Also, I’m trying to bring my old laptop back to life so that I can write on the go…that’s one of my issues is that after spending 8 hours in my office writing for my job, I don’t want to sit there and work on the site. Being able to write while watching TV withy Em or during downtime in boardgames will go a long way of bringing us back to where we were before the new job.

So yeah…the site’s been dead for a few weeks, but it’s just a rest, and I’m hoping to get back at it starting next week!

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