On the Table: Oct 26 – Nov 8

I took a week off of our “On the Table” posts because we didn’t play that much the week of the 26th. Honestly, with the election last week, we didn’t play much the week of the 2nd either. So in the last TWO weeks, here’s what mad it to the table:

Arkham Horror: The Card Game – As you know from our review, we finished up our “A Campaign” of The Dream-Eaters. Seriously, if you’re looking for a great story-driven campaign game, and you can afford to spend at least $15 a month on a game, play Arkham Horror.

Among Us – I know, I know…it’s not a board game. Except it kind of is. Anyone who has played Battlestar Galactica will feel at home aboard The Skeld. I’ve mostly been playing with random people, though I did have a nice 1 1/2 hour session the other night with some friends, chatting via Discord. If you’re not sure what the hype is all about, look it up on YouTube.

I’m not a Cylon!

Mystic Vale – We’ve gotten to the point where we can play a game of Mystic Vale fairly quickly, which is a sign that A) it’s a good game that keeps us coming back, and B) that it’s time to get an expansion. We actually have one expansion, Nemesis, but I’m not sure it’s the best one to start with, What do you all think? Anyway, I lost 19-28 against Em, which is pretty normal.

Legendary – We’re getting back into Marvel Legendary, and for a game that’s almost a decade old, it holds up. We fought Thanos and his Annihilation Wave with Rocket Racoon, Groot, Thor, Superior Iron Man, and Gamora. It…did not go well. Sorry, Universe 616!

Marvel Champions – We played a couple games of this with our friends, who were participating in Extra Life. I was Doctor Strange, Em was The Hulk, and our friends were Black Widow and Ant-Man. We crushed The Rhino, then moved on and beat Kang the Conqueror at the last possible minute. This game had a lot more depth to it than I would have thought, especially in the Kang mission. Good times, and for a great cause.


Splendor – Another game that we’ve cut our playtime down in. I think I lost 8-18. We seriously speed through this game now, so if anyone wants to buy us the expansion, feel free. I’m entirely joking, of course. UNLESS…

What have you played over the last couple of weeks? Let us no below, or find us on all over the internet!

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