Kick it! – November 12, 2020

Kick it! is a new feature here at Our Meeple Overlords where we’ll talk about what Kickstarter offerings have our attention, for good or ill. As this is the first Kick it! column, we’ll start by telling you what we’ve already backed that we’re now patiently waiting for.

From City of Masks: Karkosa

The Mystery $1 Role Playing Game Project by Postworld Games- We backed this one in 2016, and though it still hasn’t been delivered, we’re not even mad. Why not? Because 1) it was a dollar. 2) While the full game, which is now called City of Masks: Karkosa, hasn’t been delivered, we do have a fairly playable beta version. 3) The updates on the Kickstarter page have been AT LEAST $1 worth of entertainment. I mean that unironically – Jim Pinto has a very self-depreciating sense of humor that keeps me checking back in. Go read up on it (if it lets you…I don’t think the updates are locked for non-patrons.)

Tiny Epic Pirates by Gamelyn Games – We love the Tiny Epic series of games…Jay’s favorite is probably Tiny Epic Western, while Em loves Tiny Epic Galaxies. We don’t have many pirate games, so this fills a thematic gap in our collection, and it looks great. We got the expansion content, too, but did not opt-in on the skull dice. We’ll probably regret that. Anyway, it’s looks like a great combination of pick-up-and-deliver, rondel-action-taking, and variable-player-power mechanics, all in a tiny box.

Ankh: Gods of Egypt by CMON – You probably don’t know this, but Jay is far more obsessed with Egyptian mythology than he probably should be. He even dreams of 3-d printing a bunch of minis of himself to be buried with him in the unlikely event of his death, to by used as a modern equivalent of shabtis. Anyway, Ankh is the third in Eric Lang’s the Blood Rage/Rising Sun/Ankh trilogy. Eric Lang is a rad dude, and he’s one of our favorite designers here at OMO, so we knew we had to get this one.

Planet Unknown promo art.

Planet Unknown by Adam’s Apple – This is a really cool-looking polyomino-laying, civ-building, resource-gathering game with pretty maps and cool components. The thing that intrigued us the most, however was S.U.S.A.N. (Simultaneous Unit Selection Axial Node). It’s a lazy susan that allows you to pick a tile, but your choice dictates what your opponents draw. Out of all the games we’ve backed, it’s the one of which we know the least about the creators, but Adam Rehberg has been great at keeping backers up-to-date, so we’re not worried about getting Kicksharted* on this one.

And that’s what we’re waiting for. What have you backed? Tell us in the comments, or find us all over social media and let us know!

*Kicksharted – A term coined by a friend of Jay’s, meaning “to pay for a Kickstarter project only to see it go unfullfilled and unrefunded.” See this Get Busy Committee project Jay backed in 2011. No refund, no album. Nothing.

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