On the Table: September 21-27, 2020

Here’s what he played here at OMO Headquarters last week:

Cut off one head…er, limb…head? Anyway, there are a lot of Hydra goons.

Arkham Horror The Card Game – Guardians of the Abyss – We’re using the decks we built for our run-through of The Blob That Ate Everything to play the stand-alone scenarios. We lost. Bad. So bad. Like, sorry humanity…you’re all dead now, and that’s kind of on us.

Legendary: A Marvel Deck-Building Game – We are still on our Legendary kick. I think we played three games, including a three-player game with Em’s Brother-in-Law, and that last one was the only game we won.

Fire in the Library – We picked this one up at Origins last year, back in the Before Times. I’d tell you what we think about it, but we’re hoping to get a review of it up soonish. In our game, I was poised to win, but I accidentally…burned the whole library down before I could get that last couple of points. It was probably the closest game we’re played.

Onitama (digital version)Onitama is free on iOS, folks! I had never played it, so I gave it a try, and it’s good! I can beat the intermediate AI fairly consistently, but I have yet to beat the Advanced AI. I can’t believe I don’t have a physical version of this!

Onitama. It’s like tiny chess.

Dungeons & Dragons – We continued our in-person-but-socially-distanced-on-a porch game of D&D. I am happy to say that my Warlock cast some spells that were not Eldritch Blast! I busted out Counterspell! TWICE! And then I died, and the party died, and everything died, but this was all on the astral plane, and we woke back up in our bodies. Good times, lots of plot progression, and LOTS of character development, plus an epic battle, all in the space of five hours. Good game.

What have you been playing? Drop us a comment below, or look us up on twitter, and play more…I mean…may all your hits–no,…Bah! We need to come up with a catch phrase!

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